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Day One Thursday, 2 February 2017

  • Registration

  • Marcheiligers Marc Heiligers @rubyfuza Welcome

  • Coraline ada Coraline Ada Ehmke @CoralineAda Metaphors Are Similes. Similes Are Like Metaphors

  • Eliza de jager Eliza de Jager @code_kitten What the Duck?

  • Break

  • Kir shatrov Kir Shatrov @kirshatrov Monorails: deal with it

  • Daniel smith Daniel Smith @jellym4nn ActionGame with Rails 5

  • Lightning Talks

  • Lunch

  • Aslam khan Aslam Khan @aslamkhn From grammar to byte-code in 20 minutes

  • Grant speelman Grant Petersen-Speelman @grantspeelman Feedback for the developer who codes solo

  • De wet blomerus De Wet Blomerus @dewetblomerus What I learned from applying for 107 jobs

  • Break

  • Dane balia Dane Balia The 360˚ Developer

  • Rishal hurbans Rishal Hurbans @RishalHurbans AI in Perspective

  • Cocktails and Networking

Day Two Friday, 3 February 2017

  • Arrival

  • Marcheiligers Marc Heiligers @rubyfuza Welcome

  • Mandla theo Theo Bohnen and Mandla Magagula From the the ground up!

  • Quintis venter Quintis Venter @cuevee Ruby and Finance Don't Mix. Right?

  • Break

  • Matias korhonen Matias Korhonen @matiaskorhonen Rails Security: above and beyond the defaults

  • Brad kingon Brad Kingon @brad_kingon Hacking with Ruby

  • Andre helberg André-Marthin Helberg @A_Helberg Level up in Ruby while keeping all your hearts

  • Lunch

  • Daniel schierbeck Daniel Schierbeck @dasch Using Apache Kafka from Ruby

  • Ruberto paulo Ruberto Paulo @legend_rob Date night with Ruby

  • Kevin Kevin McKelvin @kmckelvin What's new in Ruby 2.4

  • Break

  • Clarice bouwer Clarice Bouwer @cbillowes The Imposter Within

  • Patrick vine Patrick Vine @patrick_vine Building a learning culture.

  • Closing up the event


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President Hotel, Cape Town

President hotel

Presidents Hotel, Cape Town.

Situated in the exclusive and wind-free suburb of Bantry Bay, the President Hotel is a peaceful haven just a step away from the buzz of Cape Town’s CBD. With sweeping views stretching over the endless horizon of the deep blue Atlantic Ocean and nestled below the majestic Lion’s Head, Bantry Bay enjoys an average of 290 wind-free days a year. The average daily sunshine is between 7.5 and 9.5 hours, making the President Hotel’s infinity pool an attractive prospect all year round.

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