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Day One Thursday, 4 February 2016

  • Registration

  • Lance Lance Gleason @lgleasain Welcome

  • Sarah mei Sarah Mei @sarahmei Factory, Workshop, Stage

  • Assaf Assaf Gerber @assafgelber Beating Poker With The Help Of Ruby

  • Break

  • Ridhwana Ridhwana Khan @Ridhwana_K Building a better programming interface for your application

  • Rishal hurbans Rishal Hurbans @RishalHurbans Developer Design Thinking

  • Lightning Talks

  • Lunch

  • Simonstewart Simon Stewart @SimonStewart Freelancing rates ... without using a random number generator

  • Simon van dyk Simon Van Dyk @siefi Elixir. Much distributed. Such reliable.

  • Nelson Nelson Pascoal @foomip Reactive Programming Principles

  • Break

  • Steven mcd Steven McDonald @StevenMcD_code Improving your Craft through Communication

  • Daphne calitz Daphne Calitz @DaphneCalitz Using LocalStorage for Progressive Saving

  • Drinkup

Day Two Friday, 5 February 2016

  • Arrival

  • Aja hammerly Aja Hammerly @thagomizer_rb Stupid Ideas For Many Computers

  • Julian cheal Julian Cheal @juliancheal (M)Ruby, Robots, and how to control the World.

  • Lightning Talks

  • Break

  • Brendon mclean Brendon McLean @brendon9x Literate Programming in Ruby

  • Kelvin smith Kelvin Smith @oneKelvinSmith Teaching Kids to Programme with Gosu and Sonic Pi

  • Piwe tony Siwaphiwe Tshona and Ciam a Mbay Tony Kiddibot

  • Lunch

  • Daniel smith Daniel Smith @jellym4nn RubyGL

  • Kevin Kevin McKelvin @kmckelvin Going Native

  • Austin fagan Austin Fagan @austin_fagan Assumption is the mother of all fuck-ups

  • Break

  • Eliza de jager Eliza de Jager @code_kitten Eigenclasses and other Meta-programming Concepts

  • Rory Rory McKinley @rorymckinley What defines quality software?

  • Gabriel fortuna Gabriel Fortuna @gee_forr Next level release management using feature flags

  • Leave for Dinner



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President Hotel, Cape Town

President hotel

Presidents Hotel, Cape Town.

Situated in the exclusive and wind-free suburb of Bantry Bay, the President Hotel is a peaceful haven just a step away from the buzz of Cape Town’s CBD. With sweeping views stretching over the endless horizon of the deep blue Atlantic Ocean and nestled below the majestic Lion’s Head, Bantry Bay enjoys an average of 290 wind-free days a year. The average daily sunshine is between 7.5 and 9.5 hours, making the President Hotel’s infinity pool an attractive prospect all year round.

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